Classifiers: CL-R (Depictive Signing) American Sign Language (ASL) (L24) Dr. Bill from

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Learn American Sign Language with Dr. Bill Vicars of “ASL University” ( as he discusses a variety of signs with his awesome assistant “Kayla” who is an actual ASL student in the process of learning.

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Take care and love to you all.
– Dr. Bill
Classifiers: CL-R (Depictive Signing) American Sign Language (ASL) (L24) Dr. Bill from

Intended audience / prerequisite: Individuals who have who have completed the equivalent of two or more ASL courses.

It is recommended that you complete Lessons 1 through 30 of the Lifeprint (ASLU) Curriculum (or equivalent such as having completed a college-level “ASL 2” course) prior to watching this video.

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