American Sign Language V.S. Scuba Diving Signs

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Signing with Deaf Scuba Instructor, Aqua Hands, LLC, Thomas J Koch

Words that we will sign:

-Low Air
-Out of Air
-You okay?
-It’s far!
-It’s too far!

It’s quite interesting to see how different signs scuba divers usually use to communicate under the water! Thomas J Koch kindly emphasized how lucky we, the Deaf community, are to have our own sign language so we are able to make a conversation or anything else that we can understand each other easily.

By the way, you cannot speak or hear anything once you get in the water. That’s why Scuba divers required learning signs and gestures to communicate each other such as in how left air pressure you have, you are doing okay, etc.

Hope you learned something new today! Enjoy learning the difference between ASL and Scuba Diving Signs.

Happy learning!

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