Italian Sign Language (LIS) & American Sign Language (ASL) in 48 Word Signs.

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Words that we will sign:

1. I love you
2. Beautiful
3. Cute
4. Help
5. Understand
6. Travel
7. Truth
8. Bad luck
9. Good luck
11. Bathroom
12. Right
13. Wrong
14. Thank you
15. City
16. Friend
17. Party
18. Girlfriend/Boyfriend
19. Color
20. Hungry
22. Bank
23. Girl
24. Boy
25. Sister
26. Brother
27. Father
28. Mother
29. Wine
30. Water
31. One minute
32. Five hours
33. One day
34. One month
35. One year
36. One
37. One hundred
38. One thousand
39. Age
40. Young
41. Old
42. Fun
43. Joking
44. School
45. University
46. Where
47. How
48. Italian Sign language (LIS)


Italian Sign Language or LIS (Lingua dei Segni Italiana) is the visual language used by deaf people in Italy. In-depth analysis of it began in the 1980s, along with the lines of William Stokoe’s research on American Sign Language in the 1960s. Until the beginning of the 21st century, most studies of Italian Sign Language dealt with its phonology and vocabulary.

According to the European Union for the Deaf, the majority of the 60,000–90,000 Deaf people in Italy use LIS.

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