American Sign Language (ASL) & Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) in 33 Sign Words!

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1. I love you
2. Beautiful
3. Cute
4. Help
5. Understand
6. Lucky
7. Hungry
8. Bank
9. Farm
10. City
11. Friend
12. Brother
13. Sister
14. Beer
15. Wine
16. Water
17. One Minute
18. Five Minutes
19. Young
20. Old
21. Funny
22. Joking
23. Control
24. School
25. University
26. Boy
27. Sister
28. Where
29. How
30. Father
31. Mother
32. Welcome
33. Austrian Sign Language


Austrian Sign Language, or Österreichische Gebärdensprache (ÖGS), is the sign language used by the Austrian Deaf community—approximately 10,000 people

ÖGS and Hungarian Sign Language seem to be related for historical reasons (First School for the Deaf in Vienna), but forms a cluster with neighboring languages rather than with ÖGS.

Although there are no detailed studies of the extent of relatedness, ÖGS shares aspects of its grammar with German Sign Language and Swiss Sign Language, while the vocabulary differs (see Skant et al. 2002); [citation needed] Wittmann (1991) places it in the French Sign Language family).

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