Deaf father and KODA Dive with Sharks in Grand Bahamas

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Thomas Koch is a Deaf PADI Course Director and Owner of Aqua Hands. He has a KODA Daughter. KODAs are the hearing children of deaf adults that are under eighteen years old. However, his daughter, Claire, recently turns ten years old! She can dive into the ocean now!

Is she going to get her first PADI Open Water Diver certified by her father? No! She is going to get certified by the Women Divers Hall of Fame member as a First Lady of Sharks – Cristina Zenato!

Claire wants to point out the fact that why you all should get scuba certification because the world only contains 28% of land while 72% of the ocean. Why missing out on exploring 72%? She got the point!

Thomas feels it’s essential for every father to pass their knowledge or skill to their children.

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