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Shaylee is a well-known child, who is one of two daughters in the beautiful family on a favorite Facebook page – ASL Nook.

Shaylee was exposure by all facial expression, sign languages, goes on. With the exposures she had that is what makes her unique today. She’s incredibly good at showing her facial expression, expressing her feeling/thoughts/stories/songs with the Deaf community.

Now, Shaylee would like to share her wise words with you all.

She believes being yourself is the most important you can do in your life. Be yourself because ‘who you are’ is what makes you unique person. Don’t try to be like others. If you want to be weird, then be weird. It’s your journey, so you have the power to create your story. It’s not necessary to copy others. It’s you; you’re special. Express yourself fully. Show who you are. People out there will love what you do, who you are, etc. Facial expression is her strong feature, so she continually shows it to people. Thus, people love her facial expressions. You do the same!

She knows she’s a beautiful person, so that’s why she does whatever she truly wants to be. She can do anything! She wants to point out the fact you all can do anything with your life as long as you stay original and be true to yourself. Anything’s possible!

That’s the advice she has for you all!


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