Signing in Happy Father’s Day in 40 Sign Languages (40 Countries)

Travel The World

1. Taiwan
2. Puerto Rico
3. Chile
4. Cuba
5. Iran
6. Mexico
7. Malta
8. Russia
9. Saudi Arabia
10. South Korea
11. Israel
12. Vanuatu
13. South Africa
14. Australia
15. Austria
16. Belgium
17. Canada (Quebec)
18. Czech Republic
19. Denmark
20. United Kingdom
21. Fiji
22. France
23. Netherlands
24. India
25. Indonesia
26. Ireland
27. Lithuania
28. Malaysia
29. New Zealand
30. Philippines
31. Poland
32. Portugal
33. Romania
34. Sweden
35. Turkey
36. Vietnam
37. Hungary
38. Italy
39. Germany
40. United States

Yes I am very fortunate to get all 40 different sign languages. I am in awe of learning all the different signs for it. I love being Deaf because it gets me connected to many wonderful Deaf friends all over the world!

Sign language is beautiful and is one of our most precious ones! I look forward to share more sign language videos through my journey with you all.

Happy Father’s Day to you amazing fathers all over the world! Your kids are very LUCKY to have you! Love you all!

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