Waving Hands – Sharing Two Shocking Deaf Stories

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John, a president of the Waving Hands, experienced a terrible incident. He got himself a car accident. He got his back pain so he was required to be strapped to ensure that his back has no fracture or whatever it is. He didn’t want to be strapped on. But he had to, so, he was brought to the hospital. The nurse left him in the hall. He was stuck and unable to communicate due to his arms were under the strap. He tried to communicate, but nobody understood him. He was stuck for eight hours until his former student saw him and unstrapped him. Can you imagine? Eight hours!

A hearing mother who disagreed to take Waving Hands’ advice for giving her Deaf child time to find which community he truly wants to be part of hearing or deaf community. His mother ignored and chose to give him a cochlear implant at 1 year old. Next 4 years, he wanted to remove his cochlear implant and he wanted to be part of the Deaf community. So his mother realized that she made a terrible mistake and apologized that she didn’t listen to the Deaf community’s advice. She chose doctor’s advice over them. It was a mistake. So his mother started learning ASL and getting involved with the Deaf community as much as she can. Today, they know how to sign well and always be part of the Deaf community.

That’s why Waving Hands is founded to ensure the Deaf community has the right tools, accessibilities, and meet what they need. They want to continue improving the bridge relationship between hearing and the Deaf community. They said it’s important to educate them instead of criticizing or degrading them. Education will lead to more opportunities for them to give the Deaf community better accessibilities in the future.

That’s the goal they have! Amazing stories!

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