Rita Ora “Proud” Sign Langugae | ASL cover with Ethan

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Hey guys!!
Welcome back to my channel! This weeks video is a love letter to my boyfriend and a letter of self-love. So much is happening in our lives and I couldn’t be more excited, happy and PROUD!

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of sobriety. I struggled with alcohol from the age of 17. Every focus was to party, to drink uncontrollably, and be the life of the party. This fun ended when my drinking took a turn for the worse. My decisions, actions and words were far from acceptable and were (more times than not) hurtful to myself and those who loved me. I will be doing a vlog later this month about my adventure through sobriety: all the ups and downs, all the frustration and all the success.

The first time I heard this song months ago I immediately thought of my boyfriend, the love of my life. We would drive with the windows down blasting this song whenever it was warm out. I am so PROUD of all he is doing and has done and has yet to DO. For being the most supportive, loving and inspirational person in my life — I love you.

Later in March I will be doing a few vlogs on my adventure with sobriety: all the ups-and-downs and all the frustrations and growth. If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read…until next time!

Go watch my boyfriend’s latest video!

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