Peruvian Sign Language V.S. American Sign Language

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Words that we will sign:

1. Girl
2. Boy
3. Father
4. Mother
5. Brother
6. Sister
7. Hungry
8. Bathroom
9. Jealous
10. Difficult
11. America
12. Thank you
13. I love you


“70 schools include help for the deaf. Of the 11 deaf-only schools, nine use at least some Peruvian Sign Language; the other 2 are oral and only use Spanish.

Sign language used inside the school by hearing teachers is reportedly different from what the majority deaf community use. Even though the government tries to integrate deaf students into mainstream educational programs, deaf social gatherings keep Peruvian Sign Language strong.

Two deaf villages, near Cusco and Iquitos, may have indigenous sign languages” (Parks and Parks 2010). –

Hope you learned something new today! Enjoy learning the difference between American Sign Language and Peruvian Sign Language.

Happy learning!

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