The Deaf Cafe FingerTalk: Empowering Deaf Indonesians For the Future

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Deaf Cafe Fingertalk was created with a simple purpose – empowering and giving Deaf Indonesians the right to work. A beautiful and warming-heart owner, Dissa Ahdanisa, was fascinated with sign language and the Deaf community. She was inspired and realized that she truly wanted to make a difference and thought that starting several businesses would do so. Now with Fingertalk she has generated so many job opportunities for the Deaf and people with disabilities. From the bottom of her heart, she sees equality in all. She doesn’t consider Deafness as a disability. Quite inspiring!

In Indonesia, it’s quite difficult for Deaf people and those with disabilities to prove that they’re capable of anything. Dissa found a way around this when she started The Deaf Finger Talk Cafe, where her Deaf employees are proving everybody wrong by working and doing brilliantly at tasks such as serve food and drinks. Not only do they serve food and drinks, there are several Deaf and blind Indonesians sewing some intricate and beautiful clothes. Because of Dissa, Fingertalk’s Deaf employees are extremely happy with where they are today, with the communication access that they have. They may not be family, but they sure seemed like one to my eyes.

I was beyond impressed by how Dissa seamlessly integrated educating others about Deafness by using her business. Because you can literally see signs everywhere, it’s great opportuntiy to educate and encourage customers to learn how to sign!

It’s so inspiring and amazing to see people like Dissa starting a business to make a difference in the Deaf community. That’s exactly what we, the Deaf community, need more from wonderful people. Dissa says that she’s working on opening a second business, so I guess I’ll have to come back and capture it all through video!

Address: Jl. Pinang No.37 Pamulang Timur Tangerang Selatan Pamulang

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