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Hi guys!

If you are interested in anything ASL (American Sign Language) then THIS is your one stop shop! I will be creating beginner lessons, advanced lessons, interpreting children’s books, music, tv shows and much more!

I am a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) and was raised using ASL as a way to communicate to my family. I have graduated from the University of Kentucky and have my BA in Elementary Education. I taught for roughly two years (Tech Lab teacher and 2nd grade). I currently reside in Florida and work as an ASL interpreter. I have been interesting professionally for 3+ years but have been doing it all my life. I am creating a community where hearing people can learn how to sign fluently and for deaf to have access to media that they are being left out of.

If you are hearing and want to learn how to sign – THIS is the place for YOU!
If you are deaf and are want music, tv shows and books interpreted – THIS is the place for you!
If you are a teacher and have deaf students – THIS is a great tool to help with their literacy!
If you are a parent and have a deaf child – THIS is the place for you!

I am here for YOU guys! I am wanting to merge my passion of teaching and signing and share it with everyone interested!

Thank you guys for all your support!

MUCH love,
ETHAN |,,|

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