Bali Deaf School in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia!

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Grandfather, father, and I were eager to meet Deaf Balinese. We figured the best way to meet Deaf Balinese is to show up at Bali Deaf School. So we visited there and we all wanted to share some interesting information we learned from them.

1. Four Deaf teachers
2. Sixty hearing teachers
3. 300 Deaf students
4. The most of students like doing arts.
5. Young kids start their class at 7 am and ends at 9 am.
6. Older kids start their class at 7 am and ends at 12 pm.
7. Teachers and staffs start at 7 am and ends at 2 pm.
8. They do have dorms for girls and boys.
9. There are more Deaf schools in Bali. Jimbaran is a well known school.
10. Bali Deaf School was established in 1984.


In Jimbaran, at the main road between Ngurah Rai Airport and Nusa Dua there is a school for the deaf. You can visit the school for the deaf together with us for 2 hours each morning from Monday to Friday, except on school holidays.

Wahyu Bali Deaf Guide is the person you may ask for further information.

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