024 ASL American Sign Language Vocabulary Expansion Series (Dr Bill) (Rach)

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The ASL Vocabulary Expansion Series:
Learn American Sign Language with Dr. Bill Vicars of “ASL University” (Lifeprint.com) as he discusses a variety of signs with his awesome assistant “Rach” who is an IPP (Interpreter Preparation Program) student.

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Take care and love to you all.
– Dr. Bill
Vocabulary Expansion Series (24)
01. halibut
02. poison
03. sit-ups
04. ecosystem
05. dessert
06. bingo
07. nursing home
08. Batman (currently recommended version)
09. Wonder Woman (currently recommended version)
10. reflection

Question practice:
1. Do you like halibut?
2. Have you had food poisoning before?
3. How many sit-ups can you do?
4. How can the ecosystem be protected?
5. What is your favorite dessert?
6. Do you like playing Bingo?
7. Does your grandma live in a nursing home?
8. If Batman and Wonder Woman fought who would win?
9. How old is Wonder Woman?
10. What causes a reflection?

Also appearing in this lesson:
1-handed sign for PAH!
1-handed version of BINGO
CITIZEN Version 1 = client
CITIZEN Version 2 (near upper-non-dominant side of chest)
CITIZEN vs character vs cop 1&2
compounded version of nursing home
date / dating
desert: ESCAPE run away elope
desert: everybody LEAVE
desert: HOT DRY PLACE-[area]
PAH!: Finally! At last! Did it!
reflection (pun version)
reflect upon mull over think about ponder
reflection bounce back version
reflection shine off of flat surface

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