Lesson 03 (ASL) American Sign Language (slower paced version)

Practice sheet 3.A
01. ASK-to-[that-person] NAME. (Ask that person for their name.) [L3]
02. YOU LIVE what-CITY? (What city do you live in?) [L3]
03. YOU LIKE LEARN SIGN? (Do you like learning sign?) [L3]
04. YOUR HOUSE BIG? (Is your house big?) [L3]
05. CHILDREN, HOW-MANY YOU? (How many children do you have?) [L3]

Practice Sheet 3.B
06. YOUR HOUSE, BATHROOM? HOW MANY (How many bathrooms do you have in your house?) [L3]
07. YOU WORK WHERE? (Where do you work?) [L3]
08. YOU LIKE YOUR WORK? (Do you like your work?) [L3]
09. YOU THINK I SIGN GOOD? (Do you think I sign well?) [L3]
10. A-L-L how-SIGN? (How do you sign all?) [L3]

Practice Sheet 3.C
11. INDEX-[that-person] WHO? (Who is he/she?) [L3]
12. FROM WHERE YOU? (Where are you from?) [L3]
13. YOU LIVE HERE? (Do you live here?) [L3]
14. FAMILY DEAF? (Is anyone in your family deaf?) [L3]
15. YOUR HOUSE SMALL? (Is your house small?) [L3]
Practice Sheet 3.D
16. WANT MORE CHILDREN YOU? (Do you want more children?) [L3]
17. YOU GO SCHOOL YOU? (Do you go to school?) [L3]
18. YOU NEED BATHROOM? (Do you need to go to the bathroom?) [L3]
19. YOU THINK I SIGN BAD? (Do you think I sign bad?) [L3]
20. F-I-N-E how-SIGN? (How do you sign the word ‘fine’?) [L3]
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